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Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:40am

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Question: 1 positive; 2 negative; no period

I have missed my period by over a week

In total I have taken 4 tests.
The first I read as evap (blue test) because you could see a line, but there was no color.
The second was a faint but clear positive. (Blue test).
I decided to take a pink test because It was the first response brand and I got a negative.
I then took the digital test which was also negative.

I still have not received AF and I have had zero bleeding.

Before I had felt extremely moody but that has calmed down, now I only feel minor nausea and slight barely even noticeable cramps.

I was just curious what this could sound like to you guys and I was not sure if this would be alarming to anyone or not.
I am unsure if I should make a doctors appointment now, or wait another week or two to see if AF comes before I call.

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