Fertility, Conception, Pregnancy Tests Quizzes

Test your pregnancy, conception and fertility IQ and find out how much you know about getting and being pregnant! Plus get fun informative conception and pregnancy facts!


  • Are fertility and conception the same thing? Take >
  • Can you get pregnant during your period? Take >
  • Does every sperm contain a male and female chromosome? Take >
  • How long does it take the fertilized egg to reach the uterus? Take >
  • How many sperm make it to the fallopian tubes? Take >
  • Oviduct is another word for? Take >
  • Sperm vs Egg: Bigger, Motile, More? Take >
  • What are the most fertile days in the cycle? Take >
  • What does Vas Deferens mean? Take >
  • What is an oocyte? Take >
  • What is Clomid used for? Take >
  • What is Kokopelli? Take >
  • What is oligospermia? Take >
  • Where are sperm produced? Take >
  • Which hormone dominates Follicular phase? Luteal? Take >
  • Which hormone stimulates growth of the egg? Take >
  • Which hormone stimulates ovulation? Take >
  • Which ovary releases an egg each menstrual cycle? Take >
  • Which part of the sperm contains the male's genetic material? Take >
  • Why might sperm have 2 heads? Take >