Family Planning Products

When do I ovulate? Am I pregnant? Easily find out with accurate ovulation predictors, fertility monitors and pregnancy tests. Plus, shop other Trying to Conceive products. Tons of Baby Dust!

Pregnancy Tests

Home pregnancy tests are an affordable way to determine if you're pregnant. By buying in bulk (e.g. 20 pregnancy tests), pregnancy test strips provide an inexpensive, accurate way to test early, days before your period should start, and often!

Ovulation Prediction Tests

Ovulation tests facilitate finding out beforehand when you will be ovulating. This is exactly the information you need when trying to conceive, so you can try on your cycle's optimal fertility days.

Fertility Monitors

Fertility monitors can detect not just ovulation, but your cycle's entire fertility window. In the early aughts, there were only a few fertility monitors on the market; Today, mid-2020s, there are a multitude of monitors, some stand-alone, some working with proprietary apps.

Basal Thermometer

While ovulation tests and fertility monitors can give you advance notice of ovulation, basal body temperature (BBT) is a retrospective ovulation marker, meaning that ovulation has already occurred by the time the BBT chart shows the temp rise pattern. However, many women use basal body temping to confirm ovulation, also combining it with other fertility methods, such as ovulation tests, and monitoring cervical fluid.