Pregnancy and Conception Quizzes

Test your pregnancy, conception and fertility IQ - including ovulation and pregnancy testing - and find out how much you know about getting and being pregnant! Plus get fun informative conception and pregnancy facts!

  • Can a condom be used more than once? Take >
  • Do all birth control pills contain estrogen and progesterone? Take >
  • How does the barrier method of birth control prevent pregnancy? Take >
  • How long do IUDs last? Take >
  • How many male birth control options are there? Take >
  • Periodic Abstinence, NFP, FAM? Take >
  • What is the most common contraceptive method in the US? Take >
  • What type of lubricant should be avoided when using a condom? Take >
  • What's the #1 method of birth control that helps prevent STDs and HIV? Take >
  • When did The Pill debut and who developed? Take >
  • Which female sterilization technique is non-surgical? Take >
  • Which IUD releases progesterone? Take >
  • Which of the following is not a barrier method? Take >