Pregnancy and Conception Quizzes

Test your pregnancy, conception and fertility IQ - including ovulation and pregnancy testing - and find out how much you know about getting and being pregnant! Plus get fun informative conception and pregnancy facts!

  • All baby's have fontanelles. What is it? Take >
  • Apgar Score for newborns is taken when? Take >
  • Can breastfeeding be used as a birth control method? Take >
  • If not breastfeeding, how long til menstruation starts Take >
  • Involution Is? Take >
  • Lochia is the first menstrual period after childbirth? Take >
  • Some babies have lanugo. What is it? Take >
  • What are Braxton Hicks Contractions? Take >
  • What is afterbirth?? Take >
  • What is Colostrum? Take >
  • What is engagement during pregnancy? Take >
  • What is rooting? Take >
  • What is vernix? Take >
  • What's the most common baby birth position? Take >
  • Which hormone produces breast milk? Take >