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Hello, and welcome to WhenMyBaby!

At WhenMyBaby.com, you'll find an extensive collection of tools for preconception planning and pregnancy, including our free pregnancy test calculator, implantation calculator, pregnancy calendar and due date calculator, along with in-depth information on pregnancy, trying to conceive, and fertility. All of the tools on WhenMyBaby are free.

WhenMyBaby is produced by bInfinity Web, Inc., a publishing and technology company. Our flagship site, available since 2003, is MyMonthlyCycles.com, which provides a comprehensive set of free tools to track, calculate, and manage your monthly cycles, including a personalized menstrual cycle and fertility calendar, over a dozen free pregnancy, conception, and period calculators to plan and check your key cycle dates, free fertility and BBT charting system, free cycle and PMS symptom charts, many free opt-in cycle related reminders, and a wealth of menstrual period and fertility information resources.

We built WhenMyBaby to complement MyMonthlyCycles, with particular focus on pregnancy and preconception. Whether you are actively trying to conceive now, or planning conception a bit (or a lot) down the road, or just found out you are pregnant, WhenMyBaby tools and information are an excellent resource.

If you are a MyMonthlyCycles member, you can take advantage of the data connection link at MyMonthlyCycles, and easily send your key cycle dates over to WhenMyBaby.

As a women owned and operated company, our continuing goal is providing innovative solutions that all women can use to help better manage their monthly cycle events.

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