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Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:54pm

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Question: Help ease my mind please

Ok I am tracking my ovulation and when I am sexually active on my app and past month has been making me wonder....ok so in January i had regular period 28 days and bleed for 4 days. then February comes and its the same thing. Then march rolls around and march 10-12th i was lightly bleeding and had breast/nipple tenderness and moodiness and I was like omg this maybe it! lol so then i told myself to save myself from disappointment and wasting my time going to get tests and wasting my money. so march 22nd rolls along and I bleed like a real period 22-24th so i said omg no way i am pregnant then. Today is now may 13th and I havent had anything weird happen just weird stumache twinges and also random period like cramping. Could I be pregnant? I just keep being told to wait to see if I get a period this month in april so far no period but my app says 6 days from now i should have period i will post updates but i hope i get my bfp!!!!

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