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Mon May 28, 2018 12:49pm

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Question: Positives then bleeding 2 days late

I'll try to make this short. I had my daughter 9 years ago. Didn't find out I was pg with her until I was 9 weeks along due to the fact that I was still bleeding as if I still had periods and tests even at 8 weeks along came back neg. When I started bleeding I went to ER and was told I was having an MC. The bleeding and what they said we're very low hcg levels at that stage is how they got to that conclusion. Luckily they were wrong. Recently I've taken about 15 pg tests. All faint POS until yesterday. This morning I started bleeding. Got a faint POS. No other signs of MC. I'm only 90% sure right now that it's a chem mc. I'm holding what little hope I have. Has anyone out there experienced this? Pretty much what looks to be an MC in so many ways but the bean has bigger and better plans to hang in there?

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