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Wed Aug 23, 2017 7:10am

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Question: Pregnant?

My period is now 6 days late (it's usually only late by a day or two)
I took a pregnancy test yesterday evening it was negative. I took another one early this morning, I was pretty sure I seen the second line but extremely faint, my mom also said she seen it. Now looking at my test I don't see a line. . We're my eyes playing tricks on me?
My breasts aren't tender but I have other symptoms. Fatigue, certain smells making me feel nautious, my nose is stuffy, more frequent urination and I cannot hold it in, pretty sure my body temp is up because I sweat like crazy, I feel thirtier than usual and dry mouth at times. I'm bloated, slightly constipated, and I have cravings...
Could I still be pregnant?

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