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Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:16pm

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Question: Please help me with dates

I had sex with my boyfriend on the 1st 2nd 5th 6th of this mouth (about 3-4 times per day) but we broke up and I slept with someone else on the 8th (very drunk and he didn't cum) I took a pregnancy test on the 15th on this mouth and it come up positive (very faint but was a positive reading) I took a clear blue test on the 19th and it said 1-2 weeks pregnant. My question is who's the dad? I thought my ex as wouldn't have thought it would have shown up so quick with the other guy. And to be honest felt pregnant for like 3 weeks now just had little twitching in me belly which Iv never had before
Any advice would be help please
Please no judging 🙄

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