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Sun Oct 9, 2016 11:40pm

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Question: Am i pregnant?

Ok..normally I keep up with my cycles but these past few months I've slipped up.Anyway yesterday my husband and I did the baby dance (I was already two days late for my period and I never am)and when we got done I had his swimmers and a little bit of pinkish brown come out (sorry for sounding gross,lol)..I thought maybe having sex made me start my period even though I still had those late days in the back of my mind.Today I get up and didn't have a thing show up on a pad or wiping after I peed up until after lunch time but it was light.I've been spotting and having mild cramps and this just isn't anything like any of my regular light periods (I usually have a heavy flow or a flow in general when its light).Although I'm waiting to test does this sound like there's a good chance I'm pregnant? We've been trying for 11 months now and not only was I late for two days but I've also been getting dizzy very easily and my boobs have been sensitive to the touch.

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