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Midstream Pregnancy Tests - You've probably heard the expression P on a Stick (POAS) and that's because it's how you take a midstream pregnancy tests.

Off comes the test's cap, then you P on the absorbent tip for the specified amount of time, wait the specified time, and read your test results.

Comment: No easy feat, POAS, while simultaneously doing it for only the specified amount of time! Just imagine how much easier it would be if the guys had to test!

Note: Check your pregnancy test's instruction sheet. Many mid-stream pregnancy tests also note that you can collect in a cup and dip the absorbent cup and dip the sticka provide the option

Pregnancy Test Strips (aka DipSticks) - A variant to POAS is PIAC (we may have made that acronym up) where you P into a cup, and then dip the test strip into the cup for the specified time, remove, wait the designated amount of time, and read your results.

Preganncy Test Cassette - With this type of test, you also use a urine collection cup (PIAC). Then, using the supplied dropper, you drop the specified number of urine drops into the location specified by test's instructions, wait, and read your results.

Pregnancy Test Accuracy - 99%, or Not?

Almost all OTC home pregnancy tests are rated at 99% or "Over 99%" accurate, but you'll probably notice (you may need to pull out the magnifying glass) a little asterisk - * - following the 99% rating.

So are home pregnancy tests 99% accurate or not? Yes and no!

Generally, home pregnancy tests are very sensitive and extremely accurate, -- 99% accurate -- if, and here's the caveat, you take the test on the first day of your missed period.

To digress momentarily, and to clarify, what does that mean anyway - day of missed period? Is that the day you expect your period to start, or the day after? We called several of the 800 numbers on the pregnancy test boxes, and easily got through to very helpful representatives who indicated it's the day you expect your period to start.

So, if you take the test the day you expect your period to start, it's 99% accurate.

But, if you take the test earlier than this, it's generally not 99% accurate. Many of the OTC tests provide details about accuracy ratings when pregnancy testing earlier than your period's expected start date. The accuracy level is generally lower the earlier you test.

Pregnancy Test Comparison Calculator - compare accuracy of many leading brands based on when you test: early, day of missed period or later.

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