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Conception Age Calculator

Calculate how old you were when your baby was conceived! Calculate conception age for mom or dad. Also calculate conception age if currently pregnant, or for projected future kids. Calculator also shows parent's age when baby born.


Enter date of birth for mom or dad

Enter actual birth date, or projected (e.g. EDD)

About the Age at Conception Calculator

With this calculator, you can easily find out how old you were when you conceived your baby. Also calculate age at conception for baby's father, or for your partner. Calculator also shows exactly how old parent was when baby was born.

If you are currently pregnant, you can calculate conception age based on Estimated Due Date (EDD). You can even project conception age by what-if-ing with a future EDD - but make sure to re-calculate once you're pregnant using EDD, or using baby's birth date once born.

For parents, this calculator presents 3 key parent/child dates:

  • Baby's Approximate Conception Date
  • Age of Parent (mom or dad) on the date that baby was conceived.
  • Parent's exact age when baby was born. This is also the exact age difference between parent and child. This age gap between mom and baby (or dad and baby) is constant, and will stay the same throughout the parent's and child's lives!

Entry Fields

Parent's Name - Enter the name of parent. This can be mom, dad or a partner. If you leave this field empty, parent is used on the calculator's results. If you are calculating someone else's conception age, simply fill in that person's name. For example, if you want to calculate conception age and age when you were born for your mom, enter her name here.

Parent's Date of Birth - Enter the date the parent for whom you are calculating was born. If it's you, enter your birth date.

Baby's Name - Enter the name of the baby. If it's one of your kids, enter his or her name. If left blank, baby is used on the results. If you're calculating for someone else, enter that person's baby's name.

Baby's Date of Birth - Enter the date the baby was born. If currently pregnant, enter baby's Estimated Due Date. If baby's actual birth date differs, re-calculate at that time. Or, you can what-if with a future date, keeping in mind that calculations such as age at conception and age at birth are based on this projected date, which may or may not occur.

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Can I Calculate for Someone Other than Parents?

Absolutely: you can calculate for relatives, like grandparents, aunts and uncles. However, if you are not calculating for baby's mother, remember that the Conception Age is the person's age when baby was conceived, and not the mother's! Likewise, the person's age when baby was born and the age gap between the person and baby are what is being calculated.

So, for example, let's say you want to know how old you were when your niece was born, and the age gap between you and your niece. Simply fill in your name and birth date under parent's name and birth date.

Or, if you are calculating for dad, conception age is how old dad was when mom conceived!

And, if you are calculating for your mother and yourself, enter your mom's name and date of birth under parent, and enter your name and date of birth under baby.

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