Grandparent Age Calculator

Find out how old you will be when you become a grandparent by using a projected birth date for your grandchild. Or, if you have grandkids, find out your age when they were were born. Add in your child's birth date for for more info about your family!

DOB of current/future grandparent

Optional - Fill in if calculating for another grandparent

DOB of grandchild - actual, or projected

Optional - Actual, nickname, or hoped for name of grandchild!

DOB of parent to granchild (ie. grandparent's child).

Optional - name or nickname of parent to grandchild

Entry Fields

In the Grandparent's Birth Date field, specify the date of birth (DOB) of the grandparent. This is birthday of the grandparent or grandparent-to-be.

Optionally, enter Grandparent's Name if you are calculating for someone else, or you want your name on the results. If left blank, it's assumed you are calculating for yourself and that you are the grandparent(-to-be).

In the Grandchild Birth Date field, specify grandchild's date of birth (DOB). If your grandchild was already born, enter actual DOB. If your child is currently pregnant with your grandchild, enter estimated due date. Or, if you are what-if calculating, enter future DOB, which may, of course, differ, but can provide an estimate.

Optionally, enter Grandchild's Name to personalize your results. For example, if your future calculating, and your name is Charlotte, you might enter Little Charlotte or Baby Charlotte if you hope you'll be having a grand-daughter and she'll be named after you!

Optionally, in the Parent's Birth Date field, specify your child's date of birth - i.e. the parent of your granchild. This enables calculation of your child's age when your grandchild is born.

Calculating for Your Parent, the GrandParent

If you are calculating for your parent, who is or will be the grandparent, fill in the fields as outlined above. Everything, and everyone, stays the same.

Example: You are currently pregnant and this will be your mom's first grandchild. Therefore, enter your mother's info in the Grandparent's fields, as she will be the grandparent when your little one is born. For Grandchild's date of birth, you'd enter your estimated due date. In the Parent's Birth Date, you'd fill in your DOB.