About Stickies

WhenMyBaby is a completely free, no login website with many interactive pregnancy related tools, including a free pregnancy calendar, and a free pregnancy test calculator that can help you determine when to take a pregnancy test.

Because no login is required, you can quickly use any tool, any time. But, the drawback is you need to re-enter cycle information to calculate, such as your last menstrual period (LMP) start date, menstrual cycle length, etc.

(Drum roll...) To the rescue: stickies, to make using WhenMyBaby more convenient!

Using MyMonthlyCycles.com?. See below for how to easily use some of that data as stickies...

What are Stickies?

Stickies are a way to save information about your menstrual cycles - from last period to conception date, luteal phase length, and more - but without having to have an account and login each time you want to use that data.

If you're thinking stickies sound a lot like cookies, you're right! Very similar, identical in fact, but no calories and 0 trans-fat :)

My Stickies aren't sticking!

To take advantage of stickies, cookies must be enabled on your web brower.

To test, save your stickies, leave the page (for example, visit WhenMyBaby's home page, and then return. If your data appears on the screen, cookies are enabled. If not, check your cookie settings on your browser and make sure they are enabled.

If your sticky settings are saving, but on subsequent visits to WhenMyBaby, they are not still set, there are several reasons:

  • you or someone else accessing your computer or device may have deleted cookies.
  • your cookie cache got overloaded by other sites you visit, pushing ours out.
  • cookie settings on your browser were changed and are no longer enabled.

Using Stickies with MyMonthlyCycles.com

If you use MyMonthlyCycles.com to track your menstrual and fertility cycles, you can easily transport your key cycle dates to WhenMyBaby, such as last period start date, and your automatically calculated menstrual cycle length.

Any time your MyMonthlyCycles data changes, bring it over! At MyMonthlyCycles.com, just click and update WhenMyBaby!

Here's how:

  1. Go to MyMonthlyCycles.com WhenMyBaby page.

    Or, use this link to open in a new window

  2. Use the MyMonthlyCycles login link on that page to login to your account.

  3. Once you've logged in, the MyMonthlyCycles WhenMyBaby page will display your Transport My Data to WhenMyBaby link.

  4. Click on your link, and it will take you directly to the WhenMyBaby stickies page. Your data from MyMonthlyCycles will appear in the fields. However, you have to click the Save button to set the stickies.

Note: If you are on MyMonthlyCycles, and logged in, simply click on WhenMyBaby from the left menu, and your link appears.