Hair Growth Calculator

Calculate how much your hair will grow in a specfied time frame, such as in 6 months or 1 year, based on your hair growth rate. Calculate for you, your kids - anyone!

How much hair grows a month. Default: .5 inch (1.27cm)

Optional - to calculate how long hair will be

Applies to Hair Growth Rate, and Starting Hair Length

Leave blank if you!

Use Hair Length Unit to indicate if you want to calculate in inches or centimeters. Once set, enter growth rate and starting hair length in your selected length unit.

Hair Growing Time is the amount of time you want to calculate hair growth. That is, how much will hair grow in this amount of time, based on your growth rate. Hair grows approximately a half inch (1.27cm) in a month, but may grow more quickly or slowly for you or the person for whom you are calculating. If you know the growth rate, enter it; otherwise, enter .5 if calculating in inches, or 1.27 if calculating centimeters.