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Cycle Day Calculator

Find out the date corresponding to any cycle days (CD) - past, current, or future!

(Optional; Defaults to 60 days)

The Cycle Day calculator can calculate when a specific cycle day will or has occurred in past, future, or the current cycle.

The longest cycle length field, which is optional, is used to help determine if the cycle start date specified is in the current cycle or a past cycle. If you leave this field empty, it defaults to 60 days, providing a 60 day window for the start date to be the current cycle, which for many will be much longer than usual; However, if you are in your current cycle, leaving this field blank (and letting it default to 60 days) will enable the calculator to know you're in your current cycle.

You can use the menstrual cycle length calculator to determine your longest cycle length, as well as average and shortest.

Tip: Using MyMonthlyCycles and want to use your key cycle dates on this and other WhenMyBaby calculators? Simple with Stickies! Find out more...