More Birthday and Age Calculators

Calendar Maker

Create a monthly or yearly calendar for 2024, 2025 and other years in several sizes. Plus, generate your personalized monthly photo calendar. And, opt to make it an age calendar for baby, you, anyone and see that person's exact age on every calendar day! View samples of calendars you can make.


Applies if Birthday specified and aging possible

Used if person's name provided; Month Year is default
  • Birth Date is optional; If provided, age details are included on the calendar, effective for the month(s) of the calendar you are generating. If you fill in Birth Date, you can use the Person's Name combined with the Calendar Title field to further personalize each calendar month's title. Aging on the calendar is currently done if Months Per Row is 1 and Calendar Type is Monthly.
  • To print your calendar: Once your calendar is first generated, click or tap the Print Preview button at the top of the page. This displays your calendar stand-alone, with just a few navigation buttons. At Print Preview, you can use the next/previous buttons to flip to differnet months or years on the calendar. To print, you can either use our Print button, or your browser's print options.
  • Print Orientation (portrait, landscape): Each calendar type is optimized for a specific printer orientation. If you use a different orientation than outlined here, paging may not be optimal.
    • 1-across calendar: Used for large monthly calendar. If a photo is uploaded, portrait is recommended; Otherwise, either portrait or landscape should work well.
    • 3-across: Used for yearly calendar; portrait recommended.
    • 4-across: Used for yearly calendar; portrait recommended.
  • Add Holidays to Calendar: Use this option to display holidays and observances that occur in your calendar date range. On the 3 and 4 across yearly calendars, the day of a holiday appears in bold. The Holiday Legend, below the calendar, fully lists each holiday.